Smoke-detector flames MT residents

Jai Henry

News Reporter

Moody Towers residents will likely not soon forget the installation of the new smoke-detector system.

The first two months of this semester have been marred by a series of miscellaneous incidents involving the new system.

There have been numerous "false alarms," and although there have been no major problems with the system, its sensitivity has come into question.

The latest incident occurred Oct. 14, when the lower floors of the South Tower were evacuated after a resident left an iron turned on.

"I was taking a nap when the alarm went off. I had to get up and go downstairs, but by that time, the whole thing was over," said Sesen Ahmed, a freshman education major.

"The smoke detector is too sensitive," said junior biology major Joe Hutton. "I could see them having one or two fire drills per semester, but we've already had four or five and it's only been two months."

Andy Blank, executive director of the Residence Halls Association, said there is nothing wrong with the system.

"I checked everything, and it has never gone off without cause," Blank said. "Somebody left an iron on and the alarm went off. There is no problem with the system."

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