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Grown-up advice

We UH students are a mature bunch, aren't we? We no longer need our parents to watch out for us, to instruct us on how to behave. We don't have to listen to Mommy and Daddy's instructions on all the little things we need to do to keep our little selves safe.

Or do we? At least one Moody Towers resident might want to look into getting a wet nurse to wipe his or her nose and keep him or her from burning the place down. What kind of pinheaded bozo leaves an unattended iron on for so long it trips a smoke detector? The especially dense kind, we suppose.

All you so-called adults, especially those of you who feel secure enough in your maturity to live on your own, need to realize that actions have consequences, that neglect can have damaging effects. If you can't handle simple aspects (such as turning off electrical items when you're done with them) of your new life, maybe you should get a full-time babysitter. The grown-ups who have to share dorm space with you would appreciate it.

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