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We may lead hectic lives, but we need to plan for post-graduation

Sometimes the days go by so quickly that it seems we have little time for basic survival necessities. As one semester blends into the next, sleep becomes more and more of a luxury. We gulp down lunches between (or during) classes.

At least I get paid to gulp down lunch. My weekly Cheap Eat$ column chronicles my forays into the realm of college student-friendly edibles. Perhaps you are surprised to see me in this space. Yes, Cheap Eat$ fans, I do something besides eat. But I seem to have digressed ...

Amid our hectic lives - the juggling of classes, work, activities and fun - it can seem we barely have time to breathe.

College students can easily lose track of why we make this education gig such a central part of our lives. We all have our different reasons: some are here as seekers of knowledge; others relish the social aspects of college life. But nearly all of us want to prepare for a viable career.

The focus of this special career section is to help you help yourself in preparing for your career. My talented staff has researched and prepared informative articles that can guide you as you lay the foundation for a successful, dynamic career.

You will find out what you can do each year of college to get ready for your chosen career path; we will discuss the importance of choosing a major and completing job internships and, perhaps most importantly, you will learn about the wealth of career resources we have right here on campus.

Finally, we'll give you insider tips on what to wear for the big interview.

I hope this guide motivates you, gives you new ideas and even inspires you to be proactive about this significant aspect of your life. Happy reading!

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