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George Greanias's experience in city government, coupled with the political courage he has shown against the big-dollar bilkfests of the Lanier administration make him an obvious choice for mayor. Greanias is the only candidate to stand firmly behind the construction of a commuter rail system, which would greatly benefit off-campus members of the UH community. His time as city controller showed him to be a fiscally prudent, innovative leader who balances civic improvement with a desire to spend tax dollars wisely.

Proposition A would end the Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program, which is supposed to ensure that "disadvantaged businesses" receive equal consideration in the awarding of city contracts. However, the MWDBE seems superfluous, considering federal laws already in place to prevent discrimination. If those laws work, why have protection that duplicates already-existing protection? If they don't, how is a city that would discriminate in subcontracting supposed to create a body that would prevent exactly that from happening? Add recent Houston Press reports that the Lanier administration might be using the MWDBE as a means of maintaining cronyism, and it is clear that it must go, by way of a "yes" vote for Prop. A.

Regardless of whether you plan to vote the way we would, we encourage you to vote tomorrow. The least you can do for yourself as a Houston resident is to have a say in these matters.

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