SPB's 'Open Mic Night' brings celebration of hip-hop to the Towers

Jai Henry

News Reporter

Imagine you're in a dark room, music is pumping and a DJ is promoting other people's events over the microphone. Everybody's dancing, and the DJ even lets a few people take the stage and show their skills. Where are you? Club Oasis? Club Karabana? Showtime at the Apollo? Well, if you've been around campus Wednesday nights this semester, chances are you've experienced all this in the Moody Towers.

A couple of members of the Student Program Board have been hosting "Open Mic Night" every other Wednesday, and the event has been a huge success.

Robert Taylor, chairman of the SPB Culture and Current Events Committee, hosted the first official Open Mic Night in Coog's Cafe last spring. After two very successful nights, the parties split ways because of unforeseen problems.

A friend suggested the Towers as a replacement, and things began to happen. "We have the only recurring event on campus that celebrates the hip-hop culture," Taylor said. "This is a forum for everybody to have a good time for free."

David Bundy, co-chairman of the committee, agreed. "A lot of people have been really positive about Open Mic Night," he said. "Everybody has been really enthusiastic and happy for the opportunity (to get on the mic)."

The success of the original Open Mic Night gave Taylor and Bundy the idea for another event, "Lunch and Poetry at the Satellite."

"Once a month we bring a live jazz band to the Satellite and students have the opportunity to read their poetry, sing, or play with the band," Taylor explained.

"Our next Lunch and Poetry will be Nov. 19th," Bundy said. "The format is the same. The only difference is that we have a jazz band instead of a DJ."

The next Open Mic Night will be Nov. 12, and this one will also feature a talent contest, Taylor said. "Anyone who sings, dances, raps or tells jokes can call me at extension 5210 to sign up."

In addition, the committee will be bringing what has been billed as the Universal Soulfest to the University Center's Houston Room on Nov. 21. Featuring Ripple Effect, the free concert will include performances by several bands and DJs from musical genres such as house/jungle, hip-hop, reggae, acid jazz, alternative and R & B.

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