Watchin' after midnight with two-thirds of Kevin Smith's hilarious New Jersey Trilogy



Joey Guerra

Entertainment Editor

Young adult angst, ironic musings and lots of ribald humor return to the big screen this weekend via a Kevin Smith mini film festival.

As part of its ongoing Midnight Movie Series, Landmark Theatres will show two films from Smith's New Jersey trilogy, Clerks and Chasing Amy, tonight and Saturday.

Clerks, which was Smith's debut outing, is funny, raunchy and often outrageous. Shot in black and white, it follows the travails of a dim-witted group of pals who have nothing better to do than pass the time at one member of the group's place of employment - a local convenience store.

Smith kicked into high gear with his best effort so far, Chasing Amy. It's a love triangle of sorts, cornered off by best friends Holden (Ben Affleck) and Banky (Jason Lee), and Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams), a sexually confused cartoonist who finds herself falling for Holden.

Amy is Smith's most mature, accomplished work to date, and Clerks is often fall-down funny. Check out the convenience-store comedy and Amy at midnight Friday and Saturday.

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