UH spirit abounds, if you know where to find it

Melanie Orange

Guest Columnist

"UH has no school spirit."

Students at the University of Houston are virtually guaranteed to hear those words at least 100 times before they graduate. But something I've noticed is that the students who say those words again and again always have a full list of excuses why they haven't done anything to create a little spirit themselves.

Well, fortunately, they don't really have to work that hard. Why? Because there is school spirit at UH - you just have to know where to look.

The campus organization system is a hotbed of UH spirit, and I am positive that, if you attended just one of the many events that made up last week's Homecoming celebration, you saw a first-class example of what the campus organizations are doing to promote school spirit at UH.

Maybe you got in on some of the great giveaways sponsored by the Student Program Board at the Homecoming Kickoff celebration last Wednesday. Or maybe you cheered your favorite fraternity to victory in the tug-of-war contest Friday.

But unfortunately, if you are like most UH students - including me - you missed those great events because you had to run off to work.

That's why there were other festivities in the evenings, like the Strut Your Stuff step show and lip-sync contest or the bonfire (yes, UH does have a bonfire!) sponsored by the Alpha Phi Omega service organization.

And guess what? These events were actually a lot of fun. That's right, everyone who did get out there for the Homecoming festivities had a really great time. Now, isn't that that school spirit is really for?

Maybe you're a hardcore skeptic. Maybe you think, "I don't have a lot of time or money to get myself involved in campus organizations. I have a family to feed and a job to do it with."

Well, it really doesn't take a lot of time or money to be involved in a campus organization and UH school spirit. I'm your typical working UH commuter student too, but I still find time to be involved with the Student Foundation, which serves the alumni and president's offices.

As part of the Student Foundation, I've made countless friends in the student body, faculty and staff, and have had the opportunity to do things I would never have gotten to do otherwise.

For example, I've participated in events at President Smith's home and I've gotten to sit in a Dome skybox at a Cougar football game.

Most importantly, though, I've gotten the chance to get away from studying, work and house-cleaning to really go out and have some old-fashioned collegiate fun.

I'm so glad I'll take away so much more from my college years than a degree. I'll take with me lifelong friends and memories of the fun we had together.

If you feel like your college experience is missing a little something, get involved. I promise it will make a world of difference in your attitude about friends, school and UH.

Student Foundation is also currently recruiting students for the spring semester. If you'd like to learn more, call Nick Brines at (713) 743-9556.

Orange is a member of the UH Student Foundation, an organization that works to promote university spirit.

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