UH OneCard still not ready for use at some on-campus locations

Austin Tice

Staff Writer

They hoped to have it ready by the summer. They promised it would be ready in time for the spring semester. However, to the frustration of many students, the University of Houston OneCard is still not working at some campus locations.

The card, designed to serve as an all-purpose identification for such purposes as making food purchases at on-campus eateries and library book checkout, still is not ready to be used to buy print cards in the computer lab or at the library.

It also does not work at the Etcetera, etc. convenience stores. It is not taken at the various fast food carts, and it is useless at the University Center bookstore.

However, OneCard manager Jackie Mitchell said that its acceptance at fast food carts, Etcetera, etc. stores and the UC bookstore will be a reality soon at UH. "We're still working on getting these areas on-line. We hope to have it done by fall 1998."

Mitchell added that she did not know when or if the computer lab would eventually take the card.

Some UH employees seemed unsure why some on-campus stores do not take the OneCard. "I don't really know why we don't take it," said an Etcetera, etc. employee. "Maybe it's because we're just such a little convenience store. It sure would make things easier."

"The OneCard has the capability to do a whole lot of things. We're still working on the basics," said Mitchell. The card is also being used in Moody Towers to control building access.

The OneCard program is about to enter the second stage of a three stage program. However, said Mitchell, "we want to make sure we have all of the bugs worked out of the system before we add any more locations."

Value transfer systems have been installed in the UC, Moody Towers, Cougar Place and the Quad, and Mitchell said there are plans to install four more in the near future. These systems allow students to deposit money into their accounts without having to wait in E. Cullen's lengthy lines.

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