MEChA prez Gorham confirms student status

Ingrid Allstrom

Senior Staff Writer

In response to anonymous allegations that she was not a student at the University of Houston, the president of the campus organization Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Azutlan, provided The Daily Cougar with records proving she is a student.

Annica Gorham, president of MEChA (a politically active Hispanic organization) is also a member of the Latina Coalition. Gorham said she has no plans to resign from her presidential post.

Gorham had held a position with the Council of Ethnic Organizations as office assistant, which she resigned because of "personal reasons."

The office assistant position required that Gorham be registered for at least nine hours, which she was not. However, said Gorham, "MEChA does not have anything to do with CEO. Therefore, it does not come under the same regulations."

Gorham said she resigned the CEO position in October.

Kelaine McLoud, an adviser for CEO, confirmed that Gorham resigned. "She's not employed with us anymore," she said.Gorham had held the office assistant position since the summer, according to McLoud.

If she did resign her position as president of MEChA, her resignation probably would not have to go through CEO, according to Gorham.

"MEChA is a political organization," said Gorham. "It is not under any umbrella group."

She declined to discuss how rumors about her enrollment night have originated and emphasized that student fees go to the organization, not to members.

"Whether or not I'm a student is irrelevant as far as student fees are concerned," she said. "They go to the organization, not to me."

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