A moment of niceness ...

Usually letters are political in nature and often not complimentary. I wish to write, instead, a letter of thanks to "The Easter Bunny."

Friday, I left my car key in my vehicle in Lot 9. I later discovered I didn't have my key, and spent the day desperately looking for it. Finally, when I went to my car I saw a piece of paper on the seat. Under it was my key.

The anonymous writer told me where and when he had found my key and signed the note "the Easter Bunny."

There are lots of nice folks in the UH community. My anonymous key-finder is one. I wish I could thank him or her personally.

Karl J. Reinhardt

Department of Modern and Classical Languages

... and now, on with the gripes!

It amazes me that the columnists at the Cougar lack the mental capacities to recognize the seriousness of the National Merit Scholars' plight. When we were wooed here by UH, we were told our room and board would be paid for. That we are running out of money is not due to a failure to budget. It is due to UH defaulting on its promise.

Here's a little analogy: I invite you to dinner, informing you that I will pay for everything. When we get to the establishment, you proceed to order enough food to feed an army. When the bill comes, I ask you where your wallet is. You respond that you failed to bring it because you were under the impression you were being treated to dinner. I insist that you pay half the cost of dinner or bust suds because you ordered more than I expected you to.

This is what has happened to the National Merit Scholars. We will not bust suds. UH will fulfill its end of the bargain. And Mr. Pennell, I'd love to see you take my engineering and honors courses with your two jobs and maintain a 3.70.

A promise is a promise. And to Mr. Brewster, I don't care how big you are. You obviously suffer from the same deficiencies as Mr. Pennell. We are definitely adults and that's why we refuse to be shafted by this university. I should not have to take out a loan just to eat, nor am I in a position to go home on the weekend just to get a meal.

Don't be angered by the fact that I performed better than my peers in high school and am now being rewarded.

Keithtrik Knighten

sophomore, electrical engineering

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