Catch your own Groove this weekend

Groove to this

Joey Guerra

I know, I know. You furiously flipped through the pages of today's paper looking for the weekly installment of Groove To This. Where else can you encounter more dance-floor clichés than in an episode of The Grind? Where else can a remix compilation incite a slap from your mother? "But mom, it is called Dick!"

Alas, limited space results in an all-too-brief foray into clubland. I will tell you next week's column will include chatter on two albums from Ovum Recordings, home of musical maestro King Britt.

So as far as pickin' out groovin' tunes this week, you're on your own. I'm still waiting for comments and ideas, so let me know what kinda stuff gets your toes tappin' by e-mailing me at Come on, guys, I wanna dance with somebody (who loves me), or at least somebody who's as into this stuff as I am.

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