UH Undergraduate Council reviews curriculum issues

Carolyn DePew

Staff Writer

The Undergraduate Council convened Wednesday in its bi-monthly effort to streamline and refine undergraduate education at the University of Houston.

"Everything that has to do with undergraduate education at the University of Houston comes through the Undergraduate Council," said staff associate Dr. Brian McKinney.

The council includes four standing subcommittees: Curriculum; Academic Operations and Standards; Core and Degree Requirements; and Admissions, Advising and Retention.

The Academic Operations and Standards Committee is currently concerned with the issues of the medical withdrawal policy and procedure, academic regulations, graduation with Honors residency requirements and cleaning up the official transcript.

According to McKinney, one of the major issues the AOS Committee is reviewing is the creation of an autonomous Department of Communication Disorders. The present Department of Communication encompasses the fields of Journalism, Radio-Television, Speech Communication and Communication Disorders.

The AOS Committee presented no report at Wednesday's meeting.

The Admissions, Advising and Retention Committee presented a revision of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics catalog's section dealing with readmission from suspension. The revision clarifies and simplifies the previously ambiguous, problem-causing policy.

The committees on Core and Degree Requirements and Curriculum both deal with, among other things, reviewing existing undergraduate courses and approving new ones. At the meeting, the CDR Committee submitted a report recommending the retention of PHAR 2362: Science of Drug Action and all reviewed Cultural Heritage courses for the fulfillment of Level II core requirements.

The majority of the meeting concerned a proposed Electrical and Computer Engineering course, ECE 2317: Applied Electricity and Magnetism. This course was proposed to replace the existing ECE 2300 course.

The Curriculum Committee, in a split decision, recommended not to approve the new course, largely due to a disagreement between the Physics Department and the College of Engineering. The present ECE 2300 course requires PHYS 2313 as a prerequisite, but the proposed course would eliminate this requirement.

The Curriculum Committee also recommended, as this issue is also before the CDR Committee, that the Council hold its decision until the CDR Committee's report. At that time, Physics and Engineering representatives will also submit their cases to the council.

The Undergraduate Council holds its meetings on alternating Wednesdays in room 220 E. Cullen.

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