Proposed bill would allow student regent a vote on Board of Regents

Zarana Sanghani

Staff Writer

Aggressive action will be required to secure voting power for the student regent, the Student Association-assigned representative to the Board of Regents, SA President Natalie Merritt said at Wednesday's meeting.

Sen. Amaury Nora authored a bill moving that SA seek to establish voting power for the student regent.

"Students are able to (vote for) policies in the university committees," Nora said. "So why can't we vote on the Board of Regents?"

Asking for voting power is unprecedented and a provocative proposal according to Merritt.

"We are fortunate enough to do this," Merritt said. "I think it's good that we do have a student voice (in the Board of Regents). To get voting power we will have to go through a lot of channels."

The Board of Regents addresses issues ranging from system policies like post-tenure review to land acquisitions and campus budgets.

The student regent may not be prepared for some of the topics, but he or she can become educated in these matters. Furthermore, student representation is necessary in all issues to ensure student satisfaction.

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