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Dragon on those cigs

Today is the Great American Smokeout. Yes, they want all the nicotine-sucking freaks with oral fixations to put their bodies through the physical trauma of chewing Trident for one day.

There are posters strewn across campus that say something like: "These are your lungs (picture of lungs sporting a pair of shades on the beach). These are your lungs taking a long, hard drag (picture of lungs diving into an empty pool). Any questions?" What a festive event. Maybe they will erect a cigarette tree and burn it. Mmm ... fire.

Fire. This is the reason all you smoke-ins like smoking anyhow. It brings you back to the medieval times of dragons and sorcery. How magical, and yet, how dragon-like. You can hold fire in your hands and blow smoke from your mouths. You guys are amazing, even though your lungs resemble wee prunes.

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