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Getting off on the wrong foot

Apparently, we ruffled some feathers. Monday's story on the University of Houston's deals with Nike and Reebok has raised the ire of some alumni, students and UH employees, who criticized us for making a mountain out of a molehill. "How," they ask, "can UH get athletes to come here if we don't deal with these corporations?"

We're sorry. We thought human rights might be more important than sports. Maybe, we thought, the suffering of people (including children) who work the factories where the shoes UH athletes wear are made outweighs the suffering caused by a less-than-successful season (especially at UH, no stranger to those phenomena).

We're not naive. We understand that, in this corporate world, getting quality athletes (who come by on tours often sponsored by shoe companies) means making deals (with those shoe companies). We simply asked whether the former is worth the latter.

Apparently so. Apparently, sports are all you need. Who cares if people are slaving away, as long as their suffering brings us successful athletics programs? After all, they're just brown people who live half a world away, right? It's not as if they're Americans.

Why stop here? Why not kill babies in Indonesia and China for their skins? If we could get extra traction and higher jumps out of baby-soled shoes, let's go for it! Because, after all, nothing, not human rights, not dignity, not the protection of innocents, nothing is more important than sports!

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