No more slurs

I am not going to start this letter off by naming people and pointing the finger. I am not going to use any big, complicated words to sound smart, either. I am going to say what I feel and hope someone listens and understands what I am saying.

Recently, I have been scared to even pick up the Daily Cougar and read the letters. Why? Lately, everything has become racial. It hurts me to know that at an institution of higher education, where people are supposed to be intelligent and open-minded, there is so much prejudice.

When I applied to UH, I expected diversity and unity. I got the diversity, but the unity is nowhere close to reality. It truly terrifies me to know that all of these people who are writing these letters, whether they are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, etc., are soon going to be in the job market, causing tensions between different people as they are doing at this university.

I just want everyone to take a look at themselves and see what they are accomplishing by criticizing others- nothing.

Remember that while you are using one hand to bring a person or group down, you are depriving yourself and your group of that hand, which could be helping to pull you all up.

Jennifer Lee

freshman, hotel restaurant management

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