A change will do you good

Joey Guerra


As you may (or may not) have noticed, there have been a few changes within the hallowed pages of The Daily Cougar. Just take a look at the new and improved front page.

Some of those tweaks have carried over to the Entertainment section, where a couple of new additions have already shown up. In Tuesday's paper there was a modified movie box, giving you more information than before, like a running time, rating and where a movie's playing. Additionally, movies are now evaluated on a five-star scale, ranging from one (pitiful) to five (instant classic). You get the picture.

Soon, you'll see a similar album review box, with a one to five-star rating being given to records on the same scale.

Starting next week, columns like "Channel Flirting," "Cheap Eats" and "Groove To This" will be back in action, along with a new column Thursday highlighting events at the Moores School of Music. It's our way of keeping you updated with what's going on musically on campus.

There may be a few more alterations during the next few weeks, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Any comments regarding anything old or new in the Entertainment section can be e-mailed to me at: jgg95173@bayou.uh.edu.

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