Computers in Central Site lab still not operational

Heather Detrixhe


Due to ventilation repairs over the winter break, 16 new and 12 old computers are out of service in the Central Site Computer Center, located in the Social Work Building.

In an effort to improve circulation in the lab, contractors reconstructed the ventilation system over the break. Subsequently, many computers were dismantled and removed from the construction area to avoid damage.

Construction at the center was completed Friday. Though the staff has been working to put everything back into place, many computers are not yet up and running.

The problem, according to supervisor of Central Site Social Works Kha Dao, is that the new machines have not yet been assigned Internet Protocol addresses.

An IP address allows a computer on-line access and communication within a network.

"Also, no one at this center has the administrative privilege to add a work station to the UH domain," Dao added.

According to Dao, those responsibilities lie with the administration of Information Technology. No one from that office was available to comment on when the systems will be ready.

Although he has not yet been given a definite projection for when the computers will be running, Dao said students shouldn't be affected too much.

"So far we've been able to accommodate everyone who has come in," Dao said. "We don't anticipate any problems in the first week of school. The only time we really get backed up is during midterms or finals."

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