C-Site promises that all

computers will work today

Heather Detrixhe

Managing Editor

All computers should be up and running this morning at the Central Site Social Work Computer Center, according to customer service manager Jim Mcgee.

Supervisor for Central Site Kha Dao told the Daily Cougar on Tuesday that several of the Central Site's computers were down because they had not yet been assigned Internet Protocol addresses.

An IP address is necessary for a computer to have on-line access and to communicate within a network.

Dao also said there had been a stall in adding the work stations to the University of Houston domain. Mcgee, however, said this is not true.

According to Mcgee, the center has had the capability to put the computers on-line for some time, but construction work on the building's ventilation ducts has kept them from doing so.

"We didn't want to set everything up until the construction workers were gone. They were supposed to be finished last week, but they are still here," Mcgee added.

Mcgee said he expects to have everything cleaned up and all the terminals running this morning.

As part of an overall effort to improve UH computer services, Central Site has added 30 new 233 MHz. Pentium II Dell PC's and 24 Macintosh G3 computers, Mcgee said.

The new machines are to replace several Gateway and Quadra computers that are outdated and much slower.

"It was becoming hard to fit all the new software on the hard drives (of the old computers). With increased hard drive space and faster capabilities, the new machines will provide better access to everything," Mcgee said.

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