Readers may soon have a greater voice in the paper

Steven Devadanam

Staff Writer

University of Houston students will now have a chance to make their voice heard in The Daily Cougar's staff editorials.

The Cougar's Editorial Board, a four-member group that decides the topic and content of the daily staff editorials on the Opinion page, decided this week to include a fifth "guest" member of the board.

The fifth position will be open to any currently enrolled student. Guest members will serve on the board for two-week periods.

"We wanted perspectives of students who aren't on The Daily Cougar staff and maybe people from different backgrounds with different natures and viewpoints," said Ingrid Allstrom, Daily Cougar editor in chief.

"I think there will definitely be more variety in the subject matter of the editorials as well as in the perspectives," Allstrom added.

Heather Detrixhe, Cougar managing editor and a fellow member of the Editorial Board, said she believes adding a guest member to the board will encourage different viewpoints.

"I think we'll get a better insight or a better feel of different ideas and values on campus," she said.

"I feel It's important that we represent all of the student body, since they are our readers," Detrixhe added.

"We want to include them in our information and viewpoint and direction of information," she said.

Any student who wishes to serve a two-week term on the board must fill out an application available in the Cougar offices, Room 151, Communication Building.

Participants will be selected from among the applicants.

"We'd like to encourage students of any major and background to apply if they have a couple of weeks to spare," Allstrom said. "We want this to be a publication for all students."

In order to sit on the board, students must be free for short meetings at 2 p.m. Sunday and noon Wednesday and should have some writing experience.

"We hope that this will give students who normally wouldn't see how The Daily Cougar works the chance to experience working with a paper," Allstrom said.

"We might even inspire somebody to pursue a career in the media."

For information, call Allstrom at (713) 743-5361.

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