SA emergency meeting selects three election commissioners

Brenda Tavakoli

Staff Writer

The Students' Association began gearing up for this year's election of senators and officers by selecting the commissioners who will oversee the elections.

SA narrowly made a quorum. Eleven of the 20 senators are needed for a quorum, and 11 senators were present.

"We made sure to notify all of the senators for tonight," said President Natalie Merritt . She added that calls were made "Friday afternoon and on Tuesday" and that a notice of the meeting was posted on a board outside of the American Cafe in the University Center.

She said the sparse turnout may be due to the fact that Wednesday's meeting was a special meeting. SA failed to make a quorum at its previous meeting and scheduled Wednesday's in order to take care of impending matters.

"We called this special meeting because, unfortunately, we did not meet quorum last week," Merritt said. She added that the meeting would consist of an abbreviated agenda, with a main focus of installing election commissioners.

She said that "any business of concern can be conducted at the next meeting." The meeting's focus was the selection of election commissioners. Election commissioners are responsible for overseeing the SA elections.

Duties include setting up the entire election, including polling sites and dates. Other responsibilities are publicizing the election and investigating any accusations about the election before a full senate.

Nominees for the three election commissioner positions were Kelly Trainer, a senior political science major, Amanda Stott, a junior education major, and Jose A. Medrano, a senior pre-business major. All of the nominees ran unopposed and were approved unanimously.

Trainer was elected chief election commissioner. She has held numerous positions of leadership in her sorority and Model U.N.

"I'm very excited," Trainer said. "I hope I can ... make the election run smoothly ... and get the campus involved in it."

Stott was elected to one of the two assistant election commissioner positions. She, too, has been active in her sorority and in other leadership roles.

Medrano, the other assistant, has been involved in other student organizations, such as the Mexican America Student Organization and the Hispanic Student Organization. He also has an interest in politics, having worked on Lee Brown's recent mayoral campaign.

"I really wanted to be more involved on campus," said Medrano "We'll bring some fairness in to the election." He cited past problems with polling sites closing early.

Medrano said he wants to "make sure we have more than enough" people working the polls.

The elections have been plagued in the past by low voter turnout, a lack of people working the polling sites and early closure of some polling places.

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