Core curriculum, course catalog topics for council

Ingrid Allstrom

Editor in chief

The Undergraduate Council Wednesday discussed the new core curriculum and demonstrated the course catalog that will soon be available on the World Wide Web.

University of Houston staff has been working for months to put the entire undergraduate catalog on the Web. It will be available Friday. The catalog should be "mostly accurate," according to Brian McKinney, staff associate for the provost's office. "We have some design things to work on," McKinney said. "But it was really more important to put it on-line than to get it pretty."

Rosalie Maddocks, geosciences professor, said that the on-line catalog was "the best news we've heard ... since VIP went on-line."

The schedule will be accessible through the UH home page. From the home page, there is a link to academics, and from there students will be able to find the catalog. The next step is putting the class schedule on-line, along with pictures of professors and links to professors' websites. The on-line schedule is on its way to completion, but still needs to be tested.

They also discussed the new core curriculum, which will have to be in place by fall semester 1998, according to Senate Bill 148.

The bill requires that all state universities and colleges in Texas, including community colleges, adopt a fully-transferable 42-hour core curriculum.

UH currently has a 56-hour core, and according to the policy, transferring students would be able to transfer the core curriculum between any Texas universities or community colleges without losing any hours.

The Texas Legislature may allow some schools to keep larger core curricula. Shirley Ezell, associate dean of the College of Technology, is on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's advisory committee on core curriculum. The committee has 24 representatives from colleges statewide who drafted a preliminary report outlining what needs to be done to accommodate the new regulation.

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