New recreation facilities in planning

Audrey Warren

Staff Writer

Heather Detrixhe

Managing Editor

The University of Houston is making plans to improve campus recreation facilities and intramural activities. The Intramural Recreation Advisory Committee, which was created to plan renovations and additions to campus recreation facilities, decided last semester to hire two representatives from Brailsford & Dunlavey consulting firm to come evaluate the campus.

The representatives, Tim Miller and Paul Brailsford, took a tour of the campus and met with the committee Wednesday to give advice on how to improve UH's facilities.

Cathy Anzivino, director of Campus Activities and Recreation and chairwoman of the committee, said they had sent a list of specific questions to Miller and Brailsford to be answered at the meeting.

"The questions were process oriented," she said. "We wanted to get an idea of where to start."

The committee is made up of faculty, students and staff and has already held many meetings discussing the deterioration of the recreation facilities.

"We started meeting last semester," said Anzivino, "and we were all in agreement that (the facilities) needed to be improved upon. We are really interested in building more facilities or renovating the ones we have."

Brailsford described the current recreation center at UH as a "minimal building with minimal services and capabilities." He then gave an in-depth presentation of various possibilities for improving the UH campus, including the construction of a $40 million recreation facility.

Though excited by some of his suggestions, Anzivino said, "we are not now planning on using all of his ideas, but he gave us a lot of valuable information so that we can move on our own from here."

The Campus Activities Department will cover the cost of the initial consultation. Since the representatives of Brailsford & Dunlavey visited UH for only one day, the cost for their consulting was not excessive, according to Anzivino. A budget has not yet been proposed, she said.

"We envision a time when this place is magnificent and people will want to spend more time on campus," said Jim Berry, vice chancellor of facilities planning and construction.

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