Best kept learning secret is revealed to students at the UC

Sylvia Bradshaw

Staff Writer

Demonstrations on memory improvement strategies were given by Vis Perera as a part of the Learning Support Services' "Learning to Learn Day," held Wednesday in the University Center.

The purpose of the "Learning Day" activities was to expose students to the various services that are available at the Learning Support Services office.

Dr. Janice Redford, Assistant Director for LSS, emphasized the importance of the program for students.

"Our program is designed to help in the retention and graduation of our students," Redford said. "Although our location often makes us one of the best kept secrets on campus (located in the Social Work Building, when students find out about all the programs we offer they are generally pleased."

Programs offered include study skills workshops, academic assessment and peer tutoring.

Karen Nelson, a counselor with LSS, helped interpret results from the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory that students completed. "When you find that you don't understand the material you are studying, the answer is not always to read it over and over again," said Nelson. "Quite often you may need to explore different techniques that will allow you to improve your study skills, which leads to greater class performance."

Coetta Thompson, senior computer information major at System-UH Downtown, said she enjoyed the LSS presentation.

"I've been looking for these types of services for awhile," Thompson said. "I'm taking classes here this semester, and I was unsuccessful when I searched the library for information that could help me with the management. I'm glad I've found out where I can go for help."

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