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OneCard one hell of a problem

The Cougar OneCard is still creating problems all around the University of Houston.

This statement may not be any great surprise, but that does not mean this problem should be overlooked. Considering the supposedly endless possibilities the OneCard promised to offer, its success so far this semester makes it about as valuable as your Movie Watcher card. (But hey, you even get free popcorn with that little piece of plastic every once in a while).

Speaking of visits to your nearest mega-movieplex, there's also the issue of student discounts ... only for those with a valid student I.D., of course. When you pull out that oh-so-lovely OneCard to show to the catatonic box office employee, they seem inclined to laugh in your face rather than believe that's a real college I.D. card. It's almost easier to pay the full price than to beg for that discounted couple of bucks.

On campus, the problems are even more disturbing, if you can imagine that. It is almost always a problem to try and put money on your card, given that the machine that's supposed to enable you to do so in the University Center is almost always out of order. And just try visiting the OneCard office - it's like a hotel room set in a Twisted Sister video.

Electrical meltdowns notwithstanding, OneCard problems could be called on par for the course on this campus. Construction problems, administrative dilemmas, disgruntled graduate students ... the beat goes on and on.

Perhaps installing the OneCard system before it was actually a viable commodity was a bit premature. But it's not like anyone thought about that. After all, if that were the case, we'd actually get a few things done around here.

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