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Kent State votes to open hearings

KENT, Ohio - Students who find themselves in trouble at Kent State University could have more people to face than the school's judicial court at their disciplinary hearings.

Earlier this month, the Kent State Board of Trustees voted to open those hearings to the public unless a victim or alleged violator requests them to be closed. While a few universities have been forced to open disciplinary hearings by court order, it is unusual for one to do so voluntarily.

R.P. Flynn, Kent State's coordinator of judicial affairs, said the open hearings are meant to help the public understand the workings of universities. "People don't trust colleges and universities," Flynn said. "They don't believe that we act in the best interest of the students and taxpayers ... People need to see what we do for themselves."

Last month, the U.S. Department of Education filed suit against Ohio State University and Miami University, saying they violated the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act by releasing disciplinary records without students' permission.

Flynn said he doesn't expect Kent State's new policy to conflict with the law since students may close their hearings if they so choose.

Arizona students say 'no' to Nike

TUCSON, Ariz. - Students and faculty at the University of Arizona are questioning whether the school's athletic uniforms and equipment should bear the familiar Nike "swoosh" logo.

They have asked the university to reject a proposal that would save an estimated $2 million a year on athletic purchases.

Under the proposed agreement, Nike would give the school's 18 athletic teams shoes, workout gear, uniforms and equipment. In return, athletes would use Nike products during games and practices.

That trade, said physics professor J.D. Garcia, shows that the school "will do anything for money."

Students challenging the deal, which is reportedly within a few months of completion, oppose Nike because they say the company runs sweatshops overseas.

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