Having your photo made can win you cool prizes

Lisa Chmiola

It's everywhere - on table tents, banners and flyers. You've even seen someone walking around campus wearing a sandwich board advertising it.

It's, it's ... it's advertisements for yearbook photo week.

Twice a year, University of Houston students have the opportunity to have their photos taken for that year's edition of the Houstonian yearbook.

So why should I have my photo taken, you ask? Perhaps most importantly, it's free! That's right: absolutely no purchase necessary for this offer.

All it takes is about five minutes of your time to have your picture snapped, and it doesn't cost you a red cent.

Okay, so you might be thinking, "Well, lots of offers are free around here, and that doesn't mean I want them, because I usually have to sign my life away, give a pint of blood or name my first-born child 'Orangejello' to receive it."

Not so. Take note of Reason No. 2 to have your yearbook photo taken: Every person who has a photo taken receives a chance to win prizes!

So what can you win by

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