Workshop matches job to personality using colors

Monika Jorde

News Reporter

Wondering how your personality will fit into the job market?

For University of Houston students who are undecided on future careers, or unsure of whether they chose the right majors, a UH Career Services workshop may help.

"True Colors," one of a series of UCS workshops on personality and career choices, will take place March 10 on the first floor of the UH Student Service Center.

The workshop will attempt to show students how each of their personalities differs from others' and which careers would best fit a given personality, said UCS counselor Robert Winters.

The study is based on the "Type Indicator after Myers-Briggs," a widely used psychological measure for personality testing used frequently in dealing with career choices and academic and conflict resolution issues. "True Colors" uses colored cards as metaphors to draw conclusions about an individual's personality.

The system consists of four cards - green, blue, gold and orange - each representing a different personality type. Each colored card gives information about personal characteristics, strengths and individual environmental interaction.

Students are asked to organize the cards in order of personal color preference from the best-liked to the least-liked.

The first card, which indicates the person's favorite color, provides the primary information about the person's personality, Winter said.

A complete analysis combines a look at the configuration of the cards and an interview with the student.

"The 'True Colors' method is a very effective system in providing a very simple method based on a well-known and approved instrument that students can associate with and easily remember," Winter said.

"The colors are only used as a metaphor to show the students more about themselves and their personalities," he said. "Knowing one's person

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