Contemporary Christian artist Wayne Kerr played a few songs in the atrium of the University Center Tuesday.

It was an invitation to his concert later that evening at the AD Bruce Religion Center Chapel.

Kerr gave a tremendous pre-concert. One UH student, Michael Collins, liked what he heard so much that he decided to attend the evening concert.

I caught up with Collins after the concert and asked what he thought about Kerr and his band.

"It was great," Collins said. "I had a good time. I had a blast."

Wayne Kerr is pure energy, and his music has a hyped style. Curious faces, drawn by the music, peered through the glass walls of the chapel and eventually made their way indoors.

Many of them were not familiar with Kerr's work.

"It was great and right up my alley musicwise," said music fan Jennifer Hawk.

Another fan, Jessica Lege, remarked that it was awesome.

Kerr is known for his hyped, energetic, charismatic, disarming and inviting demeanor. Many people are naturally drawn to his music.

David Downing, who "mostly (listens) to Top 40 pop music," stated that Kerr's music quality is "equal" to the Top 40 stuff.

"Wayne's music has really progressed," said a long-time fan of Kerr's. "I was glad to see Wayne bust out on the guitar."

Kerr moved easily between praise songs, upbeat pop and hyped rock-and-roll.

Holly Thomas, another concert attendee, gave the concert an "excellent" rating and recognized a similarity between Kerr's style and the early style of Michael W. Smith, one of the most popular of the Contemporary Christian artists of our time.

"Wayne was awesome, very inspiring and so talented," Janet Poon said.

Kerr sings and plays keyboard and guitar. He also made a point of highlighting the talents in his band.

Donnie Boutwell, Kerr's drummer, is a UH student. Randy Harvey who plays bass, is the pastor of Abundant Life Church in the Woodlands. Rodney Black, guitarist, is a UH alumn.

Both Black and Boutwell play at Metro Bible Study, is held Monday nights at First Baptist Church.

It is obvious that the band members respect one another. "Wayne is the most authentic person that I know and he really lives what he believes," Boutwell said.

It's no wonder that Campus Crusade for Christ chose Kerr to help them kick off its second year on campus.

If you missed Wayne Kerr's concert, or if you feel like his newfound fans and would like to hear a lot more of him, pick up one of his albums: Piece of Heaven, Big Guy in the Sky, or his maxi-single I Know a Man.

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