As I walked through the woods, I looked up and saw a squirrel. I smiled and he smiled. At least I think it was a smile. My teeth were showing and my cheeks were pulled up. That's a smile, isn't it? (The squirrel was definitely smiling.)

- Jack Handey

Once again, the genius has spoken. And this time he even threw in an obtuse UH reference squirrel comment, above.

Yes, another Deep Thoughts book hits bookstores this fall. For more than a decade, Jack Handey's deep thoughts have provided amusement for Saturday Night Live viewers. Sometimes the musings are the only amusement the whole show offers.

Their popularity has spawned three other books: Deep Thoughts, Deeper Thoughts, and Deepest Thoughts. The lastest, The Lost Deep Thoughts: Don't Fight the Deepness, provides the same whimsical, slightly twisted amusement.

Call it shallow, but is this latest deep installment a mere ploy for more cash flow? How deep is that?

Whatever the motive behind the book's publication, Handey, a Manhattan comedy writer, serves up some mildly amusing little blurbs. Like this one: One time I don't think you should listen to your body is when it says 'I'm dead.'" Nice.

File this skinny booklet away in your desk or backpack when you need a laugh or smile.

But do yourself a favor: don't dare pay the $9.95 list price for this slim volume. It's not that funny.

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