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Don't stress it

Christian Backstrom

Do you ever stop to smell the flowers, gaze up into the majesty of the heavens above or even notice the accomplishments of your fellow man? Probably not. Why do you go through the day without appreciating the things around you? Because you're a college student and you just don't seem to find the time.

With super-human energy, you bolt out of bed and head to your 8 a.m. class. After a long day of classes, you manage to fit in a full-time job, a two-mile jog, an aerobics class of vigorous toning, a few hours of helping out at the local soup kitchen, a "Save the Planet" meeting, three hours of studying and a good eight hours of sleep. Right, maybe your planet runs on a 48-hour day.

Here on earth, it sometimes feels like our lives are filled with more activities than the average person could possibly imagine. Are all these activities really necessary? Do you ever wonder why you are in such a rush?

When we were little, all that our cares amounted to were present-moment dilemmas. We find ourselves in the 90s, where we have adapted to a multitude of technological advances that were supposed to simplify our lives.

Our generation, however, is in more chaos than the generation that lived in the uncomplicated 50s. Life has begun to feel like a never-ending cycle. After one project gets finished, another crops up.

"If only I could study more... If only I could get a promotion... If only I could get that person to notice me..." These aspirations could make us a better person in time, but right now, they could be driving us crazy.

When we become too obsessed with the goals of the future, we forget to accomplish the simple task of breathing. By becoming obsessed, the familiar face of stress rears its ugly head and calls you up. I think it has my number on speed dial.

It is easy to become a prisoner of stress, locked behind the bars of worry and doubt. We often waive the right to our phone call because it seems that everyone we know can be found inside these same prison walls. If you let go of all your worries and accept that everything works out in its own perfect timing, stress stops beating you over the head with a tack hammer.

Sometimes, stress can cloud your mind so completely that when the silver lining does appear, it is more of a relief than a fulfillment. By not concentrating on the problem at hand, we are able to see the answer, when it appears.

You've heard the saying: "If you love something, let it go. If it is truly meant to be, it will return." All of the dreams you have for the future will be realized with or without stressing over them. Take a deep breath, relax, and remember: "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear."

Backstrom, a University Studies/pre-business administration major,
and can be reached at cback505@yahoo.com

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