Chambermaid a fitting flick, Titanic-like in nature

By Rattaya Nimibutr

Daily cougar Staff

Titanic's gripping love story isn't the only film that contains the ability to be remarkable while at the same time tragic.

For the upcoming French film The Chambermaid, all of the elements of a true love tale fall around the fascination of the so-called unsinkable ship.

Olivier Martinez (The Horseman on the Roof) portrays Horty, who wins the chance to watch the real Titanic sail at the annual contest of strength at the foundry where he works.

Upon his arrival, he is greeted and enchanted by a chambermaid by the name of Marie, portrayed by Aitana Sanchez-Gijon. She begs him to let her share his room, he agrees, and when he wakes up the next morning, she has disappeared.

When Horty joins the others to watch the boat leave on its voyage, he notices her once more and is left with only a picture to remember her by.

Once he returns home to France, he finds that his daily routine of work and his wife Zoe (Romane Bohringer) are no longer the same.

When the tragic news of the Titanic reaches France, Horty is even more struck by this lady, of whom he only holds a picture.

This is not a tale in which Horty comes across as a loser or a stalker, although his obsession with the chambermaid goes a little too far.

He even tells stories about the night he met her to men and women at a local bar, twisting and turning the stories to an unimaginable love tale.

But this is a love story in which following one's heart is at stake.

As the chambermaid, Gijon is in a role in which she seems like she is only aiming for a modeling job after the movie. Though her charming presence on screen is rather amusing, this chambermaid isn't that fascinating.

More notable is Bohringer, playing Zoe, the wife of the great storyteller. Bohringer does a satisfactory job of portraying Zoe with an innocent look and confusion in her eyes as she learns of her husband's behavior.

Directed and written by Bigas Luna (Bambola), this French flick contains worthy cinematography and an elaborate opus, which paints a rather different love story.

So don't get turned off by the English subtitles or the name of the movie itself.

It's interesting enough to watch the unfolding of the plot and to see the story of this so-called wonderful chambermaid.

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