Monday, March 22, 1999
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 113

UH professor to investigate secrets of lightning

Parking crime follows unexpected patterns

Candidates use Net as campaign tool


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Concert Review: Jaci Velasquez

Tice on Sexism

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Road to the Final Four

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In News Today . . .

This summer, two UH professors will go chasing after sprites -- red sprites, that is, and blue dwarfs, two forms of poorly understood high-altitude lightning.

In Opinion Today . . .

A few nights ago I went to see the musical Guys and Dolls at a local high school. It was a fair production, but I left the auditorium disgusted.

In Entertainment Today . . .

Many rockers including Marilyn Manson, Hole, Garbage and numerous others have set out recently to prove that good ol' rock 'n' roll music is, in fact, far from dead, and may even be getting ready for a major resurgence.

In Sports Today . . .

Two weeks have passed in NCAA Tourneyville. There have been a fair share of upsets, new superstars, and coaches with bad hair. But the question that was first pondered at the start of the tourney still remains. Can anyone beat Duke?

Gettin' jiggy with it

Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

The Loch Dhu Dancers dance Monday to popular Celtic folk and rock music at the fifth Annual Houston St. Patrick's Festival

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