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All she wants to do
Sheryl Crow and Eagle Eye Cherry please Aeriel Theater crowd

By Jesse Lauritz
Daily Cougar Staff

I have just two words for you: Sheryl Crow.

Crow was in Houston for the celebrated Lilith Fair last year, and she had her trademark long curly red hair. Now, however, Sheryl has a new album, Globe Sessions and a new hairdo.

Sheryl Crow performed all the hits that have made her successful, pleasing the crowed at Aerial Theatre Saturday.

Naomi Kaltman/A&M Records

The two-time Grammy winner is coming from the success of her new album that is being called one of the best albums of the year. 

The eccentric Crow and Eagle Eye Cherry were in town Saturday night at the Aerial Theatre, and they rocked the house down.

Crow came on stage and received a standing ovation by the crowd. She was wearing, as usual, a tank top and some tight slick pants.

There was one problem, however. When Crow came out on stage, her band was hiding behind the big black curtain.

Crow started bitching about the curtain while pleasing the crowd with her humorous jokes. She waited five minutes, but they still couldn't get the curtain down. So, she started with the curtain still there.

In the middle of her first song, "My Favorite Mistake," the curtain fell and the crowd and Sheryl celebrated with joy.

Crow went on for almost two hours with two encore performances. She played such hits as "Change," "Whatever Makes You Happy," "All I Want to Do" as well as new hits including "There goes the Neighborhood."

For her first encore, Crow came back out and bowed as everyone cheered. She played the sweet ballad "Strong Enough" from her debut album Tuesday Night Music Club.

Her second encore brought out "Everyday is a Winding Road" and a Bob Dylan cover.

Crow was hot. As she kept shelling out hits, the crowd got more and more into it. The lighting and the choreography was superb.

As people started to get up and dance, even the guy next to me who was completely stoned out of his mind got up.

Eagle Eye Cherry warmed up the sold-out crowd for the anticipated show.

With only his debut album under his belt, he played for a whopping forty minutes, but they were will spent.

Cherry played his new hit "Falling in Love Again" and the crowd fell in love with him.

He also dedicated "Misfortune" to our role models, President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, saying how Clinton's misfortune is his obsession with extra marital affairs and doing it in the oval office.

After that, he told the crowd to savor the moment, and whipped into "Save Tonight."

One suprise was the song, "Shooting Up in Vain." It explored the dark side of things and the sad outcome of drugs. The track appears on the GO soundtrack.

All in all, it was a great concert, with a very diverse crowd. From young to old, straight to gay, the variety in the audience was quite freakish.

Crow's album has gone platinum and the new hairdo looks good. Things are looking up for Crow. She doesn't have to "change" anything. 

Eagle Eye Cherry also has a bright future. He'll probably be headlining his own tour soon. Look out for that.

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