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No Doubt and Natalie Imbruglia are featured on soundtrack album for Go

Go Soundtrack

Various Artists

Available from: Sony Records

Our rating: **** (out of 5)

Our View: Your soundtrack collection isn't complete without Go.

By Isabella So
Daily Cougar Staff

The soundtrack to the up-coming movie Go is as up-beat and fun as the film.

The CD begins with No Doubt's already radio-popular "New." This song is no different from the tracks of the band's first ska-punkish album, Tragic Kingdom.

No doubt "skas" their way into the new Go Soundtrack.  The album also features tracks by Natelie Imbruglia and Fatboy Slim.

Chris Cuffano/Interscope Records

The album also features Natalie Imbruglia with "Troubled By the Way We Came Together." The song is a little more mellow than her typical, and she actually took part in writing it.

The rest of the album is hip-hop and very danceable for all the party kids out there. There's BT's "Believer," new-comer DJ Rap's "Good To Be Alive" and "Cha Cha Cha" from Jimmy Luxury & the Tommy Rome Orchestra, which is actually a remix of "Go."

This is not the only remix, however. There is also "Magic Carpet Ride," sung by Phillip Steir.

Eagle Eye Cherry also remixed his own song "Shooting Up In Vain," which can be found on his self-titled album.

A guilty pleasure would be from Len's "Steal My Sunshine." Just like the rest of the soundtrack, the song is light-hearted, fun to listen to and could even get radio play.

No album, however, would be complete without Fatboy Slim. He is featured in many soundtracks including She's All That and Cruel Intentions. Fatboy Slim contributes "Gangster Tripping" to this album.

For some unknown reason, the soundtracks of movies that are aimed to younger audiences have more appeal and more well-known artists.

If you're looking for an album with love songs, try A Message In A Bottle. The Go soundtrack is for those who can dance.

But nevertheless, Go is wonderfully put together with songs ranging from mellow to up-beat rhythms and talented, diverse artists. 

This is one album that your collection cannot do without.

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