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Repeated TV outages cause static in dorms

By Ed De La Garza
Assistant Managing Editor

People tend to become irritated when they miss episodes of The X-Files and South Park, or when they set their VCRs to record television shows only to come back to a tape full of static.

Late Wednesday afternoon, occupants of UH's residence halls faced that problem for the fifth time in three weeks when their cable TV service failed. While all residents of Cougar Place, the Quadrangle and the Moody Towers may not have noticed the problem, cable service was out in all the residence halls.

Campus residents say cable was initially provided to them without prior notice and then added as another fee. Residents are not as angry about that as they are with the haphazard service, or lack thereof.

"I think they need to get up there and find a way to fix it. We pay all these fees and can't get quality service. If the people who worked at the power plant lived on campus, they wouldn't let this go on," said senior marketing major and Cougar Place resident Tiffany Spurlock.

The interruption of service caused many students to miss their favorite television programs.

"It sucks, man. I friggin' missed the Astros game and friggin' South Park. I think I need a refund," said technology senior Shawn Raiford, who also lives in Cougar Place.

"I'm a little upset because I watch Sunset Beach. They're trying to figure out who killed Francesca, and the cable kept going in and out," said senior English and RTV major Nicole Graves, a Towers resident. "It was very frustrating."

The students were mostly concerned that their fees were not being put to better use -- namely, fixing the problem and keeping the service from going out.

Executive Director of Residential Life and Housing Andy Blank said Thursday afternoon that he was not certain what had caused the loss of service but was trying to find out.

"We don't know if there is a cause and effect issue, but this started during the Friday and Saturday of Spring Break," Blank said.

"It's effecting the cable and the Ethernet," he said. "Hopefully, the last fuse they put in will hold."

Blank said that, although the RLH staff is attempting to pinpoint the problem, the cable provider cannot analyze the service when it is working.

He suggested that residents should call Maintenance at (713) 743-6060 in case of further problems with the cable service. If no one answers that phone, callers should still leave a message so that their concerns can be addressed, he said.

Daily Cougar staff member Melanie Melançon contributed to this report.

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