Searches under way to fill UH posts

Two committees to find deans for CBA, HFAC; Todd's post will be evaluated

By Tera Roberson

News Editor

The search for the new dean of the College of Business Administration will officially get under way today with the first meeting of a search committee designed to fill the position.

The committee will meet this afternoon to begin the search process for qualified candidates. Michael Olivas, a UH law professor who has previously lead several searches at the University, is heading the committee.

Olivas said he appreciates the confidence that UH System Chancellor/ UH President Arthur K. Smith has placed in him and his team. He, in return, will present the college with a group of diverse candidates who are competent for the position.

"My promise is that I would deliver them a slate of qualified candidates," Olivas said. "I would like to think that by starting fresh with a clean slate, we will minnow through the applications and come up with a nice pool (of candidates)."

Keith Cox, a professor of marketing and entrepreneurship, was appointed interim dean of the CBA for one year until the national search is completed. Cox took that office Sept. 1.

Olivas, who was not a member of the first search committee for the CBA, said he is confident that this search will turn up a qualified candidate.

"It is not uncommon for (search committees) to go twice or even three times, but by Spring we hope to have a new dean on board," he said.

The search for a dean for the College of Humanities, Fine Arts, and Communication will also begin this semester.

Lois Zamora, interim HFAC dean, has been re-appointed until a permanent candidate is found. She has been interim dean of the college since 1996.

The Daily Cougar was unable to reach Richard Rozelle, chairman of the search committee for HFAC, for comment.

At the University/System administration level, the post, which was left open when Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement/Vice President for Institutional Advancement Sybil Todd accepted a position at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, remains unfilled.

Todd left Houston to take the job as UA's vice president for student affairs at the end of July.

Cindy Suggs, director of external communications, said Smith does anticipate appointing a search committee eventually, but not at this time. "The president fully expects there to be a search in the future," Suggs said.

Suggs said Smith is comfortable with the system that is in effect. "They are still evaluating the need for a search committee (by) evaluating the needs of the University to see if we do need the position to be filled," she said.

Under the system in place, Wendy Adair, associate vice chancellor/associate vice president of University Relations, and Spencer Yantis, associate vice chancellor/associate vice president of development, are reporting directly to Smith rather than placing someone in Todd's vacant position.

That reporting structure is similar to the one Smith set up when he was president of the University of Utah.

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