Lab offers training for the latest technology

By Alan Robeson

Contributing Writer

With the opening of the Sales Force Automation Lab Aug. 27, UH sales and marketing students have access to software and technology unmatched in the nation.

"The lab is the start of a new era in sales," said Assistant Professor of marketing Eli Jones.

The lab uses the most recent software available to offer experience in sales and using new sales and marketing technology. "The lab is an opportunity for students to have access to sales simulation, and it supplements the sales courses," Jones said.

Students not only gain experience in sales simulation, but also learn how to use "contact management software," which helps them build a database of contact information.

"A student working from an outside source, such as a laptop, can then send the information to the lab's main server," Jones explained. In the same manner, the server can relay messages and information to a student working in the field, allowing convenient transmission of sales and contact information.

This interactive communication not only provides an instant link between the students and the lab, but also prepares students for changing technology.

After gaining experience with the latest technology, UH sales and marketing students will be better prepared than their peers upon graduation, according to Jones. "The students using this lab will be able to train for the competitive sales industry in an entirely new way, and that will help UH students lead the sales force of the new millennium," he said.

While business and sales students at nearly every other university in the nation only take sales management courses, UH sales students also have classes in sales information and finance automation.

The sales department will hold a mixer Wednesday, Nov. 18, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the Athletic/Alumni Center's Moores Great Hall.

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