Wednesday, April 21, 1999
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Volume 64, Issue 135

Birth-defect benefit walk to come to UH

Conference discusses Latino and Asian issues


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Album Review: Fountains of Wayne

Mahmoudi on the Weather

Baroski on Herself

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Construction continues on track, football stadiums

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In News Today . . .

Every day in the United States, 18 babies die as a result of a birth defect, and more than 5,400 babies are born weighing less than one pound.

In Opinion Today . . .

For the past few days, I have been in a state of denial

In Entertainment Today . . .

Yo, what's up y'all! GB here, comin' at ya with more hits than the Braves or the Yankees, and that game info you just can't live without. So pull out those specs and read carefully, 'cause this will be the bomb diggity!

In Sports Today . . .

For the last year and a half, all the Universityis athletic facilties have been undergoing construction in one form or another. And Robertson Stadium, where renovations and expansion have been under way for months, is no exception.


William Cordray/The Daily Cougar

Rock/rap group Face Plant entertained students at the University Center Satellite on Tuesday as part of the Student Ptogram Board's Spring Music Festival. 

(above) Face Plant singer Brian Brussard encourages the crowed to join in on the act with a sign that says "SCREAM".

(below) Brusard and Billy Hargrove, along with the rest of the Face Plant members, entertained students with thair energetic vocals.

William Cordray/The Daily Cougar

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