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WalkAmerica to cause weekend traffic detours around UH

By Frank R. Espinoza
Daily Cougar Staff

Houstonians driving around UH Sunday morning may find themselves in the middle of traffic tie-ups as the March of Dimes WalkAmerica participants take their charity to near-campus streets.

Cullen Boulevard will be closed to vehicular between Elgin Street and North MacGregor Way beginning at 6 a.m. in order to make room for walker traffic.

In order to avoid traffic tie-ups, drivers should use Scott Street or Calhoun Road, which will only undergo minor detours.

Scott will be closed between North and South MacGregor for the walkers, while Calhoun will be closed at North MacGregor.

Detours on Wheeler and Holman Street will begin at 8 a.m. Wheeler will be closed from Scott to Calhoun, while Holman will be blocked between Scott and Cullen.

The WalkAmerica participants will start their walk at Cullen and Holman near Robertson Stadium, from which point they will proceed past Wheeler and toward North MacGregor.

On North MacGregor, walkers will continue to Scott, where they will turn left and head toward South MacGregor. The participants will then walk for two miles until they reach the MacGregor Loop, where they will turn back onto North MacGregor.

Once on North MacGregor, walkers will head back to campus along Cullen and enter the UH campus at Wheeler.

After walking around campus for another two miles, walkers will finally reach the finish line at Cullen and Holman.

The six-and-one-half-mile course should take most walkers between one and two hours to navigate, but streets will not re-open until all walkers are finished.

After the walk, participants will be treated to live music and food from different organizations in the Robertson Stadium parking lot.

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