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Graduate students to receive stipends
Fellowship program will offer eligible students $4,000 in the Fall semester

By Brandon H. Franks
Daily Cougar Staff

Graduate students at UH could be eligible for a $4,000 stipend in the Fall semester as part of a tuition fellowship program implemented by the Office of Academic Affairs.

"To excel in graduate programs, a university must offer superb doctoral programs," Provost Edward P. Sheridan wrote in a memo sent to deans in March. "However, the next requirement for success in recruiting graduate students is the ability to offer competitive stipends."

Until now, UH has not given competitive stipends to encourage graduate students to join its programs.

The minimum stipend for the 1999-2000 academic year will be $4,000 per semester. Sheridan said students should anticipate the minimum stipend to increase moderately each year.

To be eligible to receive the $4,000 stipend, students must be enrolled in at least nine semester credit hours, in good academic standing in a UH program that is leading to a master's or doctoral degree, and must be a teaching assistant, teaching fellow, graduate assistant or research assistant.

The policy does not propose a plan to have the fellowships in summer school as yet, but this option will be considered as soon as the University's 1999-2000 budget is examined.

Tuition should not be affected by the fellowship. The approximately $2 million needed to administer the fellowship program will come from the Academic Affairs Division budget.

"All eligible applicants should be able to get the fellowship," said Suzanne Kieffer, director of administrative affairs for the Department of Psychology.

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