Monday, April 26, 1999
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 138

CIH virus may harm some campus PCs

UH hosts table tennis tournament

UH adjusts to Hopwood


Concert Preview: Local H

Movie Review: Lost and Found

Web sites offer a fun alternative to the mall

Tice on Littleton, CO

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Editorial Cartoon

UH wins two from USM

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In News Today . . .

A computer virus known as the "CIH virus" is being launched today. Although most personal computers are equipped with the anti-virus software needed to stop the CIH virus dead in its tracks, the virus still has the potential to slip past the software and destroy a computer's hard drive.

In Opinion Today . . .

Last week, two sawed-off shotgun-toting children burst through a cafeteria door and into my life.

In Entertainment Today . . .

Rock group Local H is coming to Houston in support of its third album, Pack Up The Cats .

In Sports Today . . .

UH first baseman J.P. Woodward has been one of the most consistent Cougars at the plate all season.

Love is on the air

Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

Head football coach Kim Helton answers listener's questions Friday as the "Love Coach" in the 104 KRBE studios.

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