Wednesesday, April 28, 1999
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Volume 64, Issue 140

Senate proposal would increase UH funding

Texas House gives initial OK to 'Byrd Act'

UH honors its dead with memorial service

Volunteering is 'one of life's greatest gifts,' Gore tells rally


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Mahmoudi on Summer

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A ‘Noblei pursuit: UH tries to excel on and off field

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In News Today . . .

With only six weeks left in the 76th legislative session, the Texas Senate released its proposal for the state's general appropriations bill -- under which UH would receive an 8.5-percent overall increase in funding for the next biennium.

In Opinion Today . . .

Finally, finally, finally!

In Entertainment Today . . .

Once again, the semester is ending and you have to turn off the television (or at least mute it) to study your brains out. No worry, there's really nothing the studios are trying to sell right now for you couch potatoes.

In Sports Today . . .

For an opening-day game, it was a pretty good debut for the No. 24-ranked Houston Cougar baseball team.

What's behind door No.1?

William Cordray/The Daily Cougar

Students take a break from studying Tuesday to experience simulation theatre in the Reactor at the University Center

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