Wednesday, June 2, 1999
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Volume 64, Issue 145

NCAA baseball tourney may open doors for UH

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Cougars fall short in weekend baseball regional

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In News Today . . .

This weekend, UHis Cougar Field played host to the NCAA Baseball Regional Tournament for the first time in school history. Houston joined Baylor, Texas A&M and Texas Tech as one of the four schools in Texas selected to play host to the regional tournaments.

In Opinion Today . . .

Iim glad we have President Bill Clinton working for this great country.

In an attempt to ensure that kids no longer act violently, he has ordered a "government investigation" into how the entertainment business markets violence to children. But does everybody in Hollywood sell violence to children like itis nothing more than jelly beans?

In Entertainment Today . . .

Star Wars -- Episode I: The Phantom Menace has been in theaters for two weeks, and despite vicious reviews, the film has done considerably well at the box office. It garnered more opening weekend ticket stubs than any other film, earning more than $68.2 million -- about $2 million more than Jurasic Park: The Lost World did in its opening weekend. The film just broke the $200-million mark this weekend.

In Sports Today . . .

UHis sojourn through the NCAA regional tournament was a repetition of the Cougarsi overall season. Flashes of brilliant play by the Cougars sparkled throughout the double elimination tournament, and head coach Rayner Nobleis game troopers never quit hustling while trying to achieve that breakthrough victory that would catapult them into the dizzying stratosphere of the elite teams in college baseball.

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