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Houston, Texas
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Woodstock adds to impressive list of artists

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It's been 30 years since what is commonly known as the greatest music festival of all time took place in upstate New York, and now Woodstock '99 organizers have put together what could take its place in the record books.

In addition to the dazzling, eclectic array of artists already on the bill for the three-day event taking place July 23 through 25 in Rome, N.Y., just-added performers include Lit, Social Distortion frontman Mike Ness, Detroit rapper Kid Rock, Godsmack and Everclear.

"Woodstock '99's lineup keeps astounding even us," said John Scher, president of Metropolitan Entertainment.

"Landing cutting-edge artists like Lit, Godsmack, Mike Ness and Kid Rock was an 11th-hour coup -- and for a platinum-selling band like Everclear, who aren't even touring, to decide to play Woodstock '99 has been rewarding, to say the least," Scher said.

In addition, Woodstock '99 will be carried for more than 60 straight hours on pay-per-view by Viewers Choice, Direct TV and TVN. The uncensored, three-day telecast featuring live performances, coverage of the nightly raves and crowd footage will be distributed to an estimated 35 million PPV households. The suggested retail price for each day of the event is $29.95, or $59.95 for all three days.

Individual Woodstock '99 tickets are available through TicketMaster at (212) 397-7474 or online at www.ticketmaster.com. Individual tickets are $150 each, not including applicable taxes, surcharges and a $7 transportation fee. Ticket price includes entrance to the festival and a camping fee.

Woodstock '99 set an all-time TicketMaster record for first-day, single-event ticket sales, generating sales of more than $7 million in just one day.

An air travel package from Houston is available; reservations may be made at www.targetsport.com.

Additional information is available online at www.ticketmaster.com and on the official Woodstock site, www.woodstock.com.

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