Monday, June 14, 1999
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Volume 64, Issue 148

UH Graduate to help Kosovar refugees

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In News Today . . .

Water is available twice a day, and only to those who wait for it until it's turned on. Guards drive around with loaded guns to keep watch on the population. There is little entertainment -- no books or television. It seems that everyone is ill and hungry, and medicine and food are scarce.

In Opinion Today . . .

When I was a child, my parents guarded me from various things: scary movies, large dogs and people with multiple tattoos, for example. I'm sure your parents did the same. Of course, their overprotection probably made me more curious -- well, except about the large dogs, but that's a different column.

In Entertainment Today . . .

John Sayles, writer, director and editor of Limbo, describes Alaska as "the land of second chances. If you can stand the winter and do the job, you are welcome."

In Sports Today . . .

Did anyone else feel a bit underwhelmed by the heroic feats of last year's home-run contest between Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire? Didn't it seem to be an embarrassment of riches for major league baseball?


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Incoming freshmen recieve their orientation packets at the University Center Underground on Friday morning. Orientation sessions for freshmen and transfer students will be held throughout the summer.

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