Wednesday, June 30, 1999
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 153

Kosova TASK Force plans walk-a-thon

Party for new frosh set to begin

CMAS gives UH students a tour of Mexico's history, culture



In House

The Adventures of Ruth the Pig

New film Run Lola Run is a surprising, thrilling, unique ride

Movie Review: Wild Wild West

Album Review: Wild Wild West

Mitchell on Chores

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon

Rockets head coach Tomjanovich says 'no' to trade involving Houston favorite and UH alum Olajuwon

UH Volleyball and swim teams sign new Cougars to provide major contributions

UH track fares well at nationals

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In News Today . . .

Though the conflict in the Balkans is over and peacekeeping forces are patrolling Kosovo, the plight of the hundreds of thousands of Kosovar refugees has only begun.

In Opinion Today . . .

I thought this was supposed to be summer vacation. Yeah, right. If this is summer vacation, how come I don't feel like I'm on vacation? How come I feel like I have so much to do and so little time, and even less energy?

In Entertainment Today . . .

Run Lola Run, written and directed by Tom Tykwer, has action, suspense, humor and gore that piles up at a very fast pace. 

In Sports Today . . .

By now, it should be known to everyone at UH and across the city of Houston that the Rockets were pondering the possibility of trading 12-time All-Star Hakeem Olajuwon.

No, this isn't Hollywood

Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

A film crew sets up a commercial shoot for Acadamy Sporting Goods as director Locke Bryan looks on.

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