Monday, July 19, 1999
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 157

Panel disscusses media role in conflict resolution

'Night Out' aimed at local crime prevention

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In House

The Adventures of Ruth the Pig

Concert Review: Harry Connick Jr.

Movie Review: Eyes Wide Shut

Mitchell on Honesty

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon

Southwestern Bell Bayou Bucket game to renew UH, Rice football rivalry while raising money for charity

Hard-core baseball fans shun interleague play

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In News Today . . .

A fair and objective press is the key to success in the growing field of dispute resolution outside the courtroom, agreed a panel of international journalists.

In Opinion Today . . .

From the time you were a young child, the concept of honesty was ingrained into the depths of your psyche. No matter what else happens in this world, it is better to tell the truth. Right? George Washington did it when he chopped down the cherry tree. By the end of each Brady Bunch, the wayward child of the week always fessed up. And everybody felt better.

In Entertainment Today . . .

Harry Connick Jr. is one cat who can say he has conquered all. From music to movies, this multitalented superstar has found success throughout the many endeavors he has explored. But there is one aspect of his career that, unfortunately for his fans, he has opted to keep a rarity.

In Sports Today . . .

A rivalry that was put to rest after the demise of the Southwest Conference will be brought back to life for the first time in four years this fall.

"Say Cheese . . ."

Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

Business Administration Junior Vincent Zahorile sits still as Omar Carter takes his Cougar 1Card I.D. photo during the UH Transfer Student Orientation.

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