Wednesday, August 4, 1999
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 162

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We'd like to teach the world to sing ...

UH's exclusive beverage contract with Pepsi is coming to an end, meaning the University can field offers from other beverage companies such as Coke and Dr Pepper.

We took an informal poll here -- okay, "we" is being used loosely -- and by the slimmest of margins, The Daily Cougar staff chose Coke over Dr Pepper. Pepsi received no votes. However, one brave soul dared to call out "Royal Crown Cola" above the din.

So why exactly was there a poll? Well, quite simply, because nobody has asked us for our opinion on what we want to drink for the next three to five years. This is, after all, a commitment of the highest significance.

Are we the choice of a new generation, are we going to live in perfect harmony with carbonated cola beverages or are we going to dance uncontrollably screaming about wanting to be known as "peppers?"

What will the serving-wenches at the Satellite bring us? Certain drinks go better with certain meals. Certain drinks fit certain moods. There are times when you really need a Coke. Other times, you need the buzz only provided to you by Dr Pepper.

Other times, you need a Pepsi ... well no, you never need a Pepsi. That's just the only thing we've been able to drink for a really long time. And if we didn't want Pepsi, we'd have to buy over-priced 20-ounce bottles of something else. There is of course water, but who the heck drinks that anymore?

One supposes that, in this period of fielding offers and contract proposals, we, the students, will surely be asked for our opinions. One supposes that.

Of course this isn't a major issue. Of course this isn't worthy of devoting so much space to. Of course the bottome line is that it's only about carbonated beverages.

However, most students, when posed with the choice of walking across campus to the Satellite, checking to see if there are still options available in the food carts, or simply walking over to the nearest vending machine, will more often than not choose to quench their thirst with what's nearest.

After having to buy whichever drinks were supplied to us by the fine folks from Pepsi for such a long time, don't you think it would be nice to at least be asked for our opinion?


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