Internship leads to honors, employment for UH grad

By Sonal Patel

Daily Cougar Staff

A recent UH College of Business graduate was one of 10 top-selling college agents recognized at a leading national insurance firm's annual meeting.

B. Scott Martin sold the highest volume of insurance out of 1,000 college interns taking part in Northwestern Mutual Life's internship program.

Martin completed his bachelor's degree May and was recognized in front of 1,200 college and full-time agents during the firm's annual meeting in Milwaukee

Michael Van Grinsven, assistant director for campus recruitment, said "(Martin) sold $5 million in insurance at the Paul Nick Agency, making us very proud. He is now a full-time associate with our company."

Students at the College of Business said that the program is hard to get into, but well worth the trouble.

"You must have a great GPA and commendable experience in marketing to be accepted," said junior marketing major Helen Winter.

"If you do get the opportunity, you'll be pretty well-off soon because you'll have a guaranteed career," she said.

According to Van Grinsven, the College Agents' program employs interns to develop them professionally and personally, and less to sell the product. Moreover, 25 percent of the firm's senior field managers started as interns.

"The UH team sold more than $9 million this year, which is an amazing number for college interns, and this looks promising," Grisven said.

Everyone on the UH team was a full-time student.

"The interns actually bet on themselves and their abilities, and they are rewarded accordingly," Grinsven said.

"They are all now state licensed, set their own hours and work on a full-pay basis."

Northwestern Mutual Life -the "Quiet Company"- is the fifth-largest life insurance firm in the nation and has its nickname because it surpasses its peers in its marketing and advertising strategies according to Karen Loyd, spokesperson for the firm.

"We have been awarding internships for over 31 years, and this year I believe we may have finally made the list for being one of the best."

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